3D-US Lab

3D-US Lab
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
14473 Potsdam
Web: www.3duslab.de

Contact Person:
Dr. Rüdiger Giese
Tel.: +49 331 6264-1575
Mail: ruediger.giese(at)gfz-potsdam.LÖSCHEN.de

Beak Consultants

Beak Consultants GmbH
Am St. Niclas Schacht 13
09599 Freiberg
Phone: +49 3731/781350
Fax: +49 3731/781352
Web: www.beak.de; www.advangeo.com

Contact Person:
Andreas Knobloch & Markus Zingelmann
Managing Director

Bergsicherung Sachsen

BsS Bergsicherung Sachsen GmbH
Fundgrube Anna und Schindler Nr. 4
08289 Schneeberg
Phone: +49 3772/28485
Fax: +49 3772/395783
Mail: info(at)bss-bergsicherung-sachsen.LÖSCHEN.de
Web: www.bergsicherung-sachsen.de

Contact Person: 
Tobias Steinert, Graduate Engineer

BGE - Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung

BGE is the federal company responsible for radioactive waste disposal. By ensuring the safe disposal of radioactive waste, BGE contributes to the protection of people and environment and solves a sociopolitical task. This includes the retrieval of radioactive waste from the Asse mine and its decommissioning, the decommissioning of the Morsleben repository and the commissioning of the Konrad repository. This also includes the selection of the best possible location for the final disposal of high-level radioactive waste and a product control that ensures that only authorized waste containers are stored. In addition, BGE conducts national and international projects with our subsidiary BGE TECHNOLOGY.

Christian Meißner
Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH (BGE)
Eschenstraße 55
31224 Peine

Telefon: 05171  43-0
E-Mail: dialog(at)bge.LÖSCHEN.de
Web: www.bge.de 

Branchenverband Steinkohle und Nachbergbau

The German Coal and Post-Mining Association (bsn), previously known as the German Coal Mining Association (GVSt) until it was renamed on 1 March 2021, is the trade association, employers' association and collective bargaining party for the German coal mining industry, which is now in the post-mining era following the end of coal mining.

As a trade association, the bsn represents the interests of its members in matters relating to post-mining activities, with a focus on mine drainage, environmental protection and land reclamation, as well as in other issues relating to former mines, such as shaft stabilisation and rehabilitation. To this end, the association cooperates in central and umbrella organisations in the German federal states, at German federal level and at European level. It engages in dialogue with political and administrative bodies.

As an employers' association, the bsn is the collective bargaining party for the German coal industry in the post-mining era and supports its members in matters of employment law, social law and company pensions. An important milestone was the conclusion of a comprehensive post-mining collective agreement, which was signed in mid-2021 and replaced the collective agreements for the German coal industry with effect from 1 January 2022. In addition, the bsn performs tasks relating to the autonomous administration of  mining-related social insurance institutions. At employers' association level, the bsn is also involved in the formulation of the framework conditions for its member companies through its participation in professional and umbrella associations.

Branchenverband Steinkohle und Nachbergbau e.V.
Im Welterbe 8
45141 Essen

Contact Person:
Michael Weberink
(Managing Director)

Phone: +49 201 / 378 - 0
Fax: +49 201 / 378 - 4261
Mail: bsnev(at)bsnev.LÖSCHEN.de
Web: www.bsnev.de

CDM Smith

Making the World Better, Safer & More Resilient

CDM Smith is a privately owned engineering and construction firm providing legendary client service and smart solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy, facilities and geotechnics. Passionate about our work and invested in each other, we are inspired to think and driven to solve the world's environmental and infrastructure challenges.

We offer classic engineering services, consulting, planning, construction, and project management all around the world. With more than 600 employees in numerous branches in Germany and worldwide with more than 6,000 professionals and experience in over 100 countries.

CDM Smith SE
Cecil-Taylor-Ring 16-18
68309 Mannheim
Web: www.cdmsmith.com

Contact Person:
Ilja Prinz
Phone: +49 176 23109559
Fax: +49 621 150309 10

CFT Compact Filter Technic

CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic
Neckarstraße 23
45768 Marl
Phone: +49 2365 8726-0
Web: www.cft-gmbh.de
Mail: mail(at)cft-gmbh.LÖSCHEN.de

Contact Person:
Markus Thomeczek
Executive Vice President – Sales
Phone: +49 2365 8726-957
Mail: markus.thomeczek(at)cft-gmbh.LÖSCHEN.de

Deutsche Rohstoffagentur (DERA)

Deutsche Rohstoffagentur (DERA)
in der Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR)
Wilhelmstraße 25 - 30
13593 Berlin-Spandau
Mail: dera(at)bgr.LÖSCHEN.de  
Web: www.dera.bund.de

Contact Person:
Dr. Herwig Marbler
Phone: +49 (0)30 36993 233
Mail: herwig.marbler@bgr.de


Excellence and innovation - that is the claim of DMT GmbH & Co. KG (DMT GROUP) as an independent, globally active company for engineering services and consulting in the markets of "plant engineering and process engineering", "infrastructure and construction" and "raw materials and energy". The aim is to create sustainable added value for all clients. Knowledge, digitalization and internationalization are the key to this.

As the leader of the engineering division of the TÜV NORD GROUP, DMT GROUP contributes over 280 years of experience, acts as a holding company of 13 subsidiaries with over 1,100 employees from more than 30 locations, acts in partnership, trustfully, solution-oriented, sustainably and ethically, realizes hundreds of projects around the globe every year, is involved in dozens of mostly international innovation projects and thus ensures the success that customers expect all over the world under the guiding principle of Engineering Performance.

DMT GmbH & Co. KG
Am TÜV 1
Web: www.dmt-group.com

EIS - Exploration Information System

EIS - Exploration Information System
Mail: contact@eis-he.eu
Web: www.eis-he.eu

Contact Person:
Andreas Knobloch
Phone: 03731 - 781350
Mail: andreas.knobloch@beak.de


Since 1948, Esser-Werke has specialized in the development and manufacture of highly wear-resistant conveyor line systems. We supply companies such as mining companies, gravel and sand works, chemical industry, glassworks, plant engineering and concrete pumps. Our products are developed in close cooperation with our customers and can be individually adapted to the applications.

Zum Puddelhammer 25
59581 Warstein
Web: www.essertwinpipes.com 

Contact Person:
Falk Pichler
Phone: +49 2902 896 206
Mail: pichler(at)esser-werke.LÖSCHEN.de 

Germany Trade & Invest

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)
Friedrichstraße 60
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30 200 099 0
Mail: office[at]gtai.de
Web: www.gtai.de (German)

Contact Person:
Edda Wolf
Director Rohstoffe
Phone: +49 (0) 30 200 099 214
Mail: edda.wolff[at]gtai.de


With the experience of more than 6,200 projects, Herrenknecht is a technology leader in the area of mechanized tunnelling technology. The product range includes tailor-made machines for traffic, supply and disposal tunnels, technologies for pipeline installation as well as drilling equipment for vertical and inclined shafts and deep drilling rigs. The Herrenknecht product portfolio is completed by a broad range of equipment for the areas of mining  and exploration.

Schlehenweg 2
77963 Schwanau
Phone: +49 7824 302-0
Fax: +49 7824 3403
Web: www.herrenknecht.com
Mail: mining(at)herrenknecht.LÖSCHEN.com

Contact Person:
Matthias Stöhr
Sales Manager Mining | EMBA, B. Eng.
Phone: +49 7824 302 3096
Mail: stoehr.matthias(at)herrenknecht.LÖSCHEN.com


IMDEX is a leading global mining technology company that enables drilling contractors and resource companies to safely find, define and mine orebodies with precision and at speed. 


When you partner with IMDEX, we give you the knowledge to model and mine with confidence. Our technology offering spans across the life of a mine, from exploration to extraction. Our drilling optimisation products, rock knowledge sensors and real-time data and analytics provide you with all the benefits of working with one trusted technology provider for a complete solution.

Our Strengths

  • Market leader across our technology portfolios
  • One trusted technology provider
  • Integrated range of solutions for exploration to extraction
  • Award-winning cloud-based software IMDEXHUB-IQ™
  • World-class R&D facilities
  • Global presence with local on-site support in all major mining regions


Our unique end-to-end solutions for the mining value chain integrate IMDEX’s leading product brands. Together they enable drilling contractors and resource companies to drill faster and smarter, obtain accurate subsurface data and receive critical information in real-time. End to end solutions include:

  • Software
  • Drilling Optimisation
  • Downhole Navigation
  • Structural Geology
  • In-Field Analysis
  • Driller Operable Geophysics

Why one solution provider?

IMDEX can provide a unique, integrated suite of technology and intelligence solutions. These solutions support our customers to improve productivity, reduce costs and gain access to relevant, reliable information for critical decision making, anywhere and at any time.

IMDEX Limited
Reflex Instruments Europe Ltd
United Kingdom
Web: www.imdexlimited.com

Contact Person:
Christian van der Put
Operational Manager HDD & Civil Engineering Europe
Phone: +44 (0) 12 7348 3700
Mobile: +31 (0) 652 337 015
Mail: christian.vanderput(at)imdexlimited.LÖSCHEN.com

Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT)

RWTH Aachen University

In research, teaching and transfer, the AMT headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Clausen is committed to safe, efficient and responsible raw material extraction through the automation, digitalization and electrification of mining machines and processes. With its interdisciplinary, application-oriented and industry-oriented research and development, the AMT team is not only a strong and reliable partner of regional companies but also part of Germany's as well as Europe's top research.

At the exhibition booth, you will have the opportunity to learn about the “Human. Centred Climate Smart Mine” and current technological developments as well as research, teaching and transfer activities and to discuss possibilities for collaboration.

AMT – Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies
RWTH Aachen University
Wüllnerstr. 2
52062 Aachen
Mail: info(at)amt.rwth-aachen.LÖSCHEN.de

Contact Person:
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Clausen
Phone: +49 241/80 95680
Mail: eclausen(at)amt.rwth-aachen.LÖSCHEN.de

K-UTEC Salt Technologies

K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies
Am Petersenschacht
799706 Sondershausen
Web: www.k-utec.de

Contact Person:
Eur.Geol. Dipl.-Geophys. Thomas Schicht
Manager Geophysics
Phone: 0049 3632/610187
Fax: 0049 3632/610105
Mail: Thomas.Schicht(at)k-utec.LÖSCHEN.de

Montanuniversität Leoben

Montanuniversität Leoben
Resources Innovation Center Leoben
Franz Josef-Strasse 18
8700 Leoben
Web: www.unileoben.ac.at | www.ric-leoben.at

Contact Person:
Dipl.-Ing. Hanno Bertignoll
Project Manager
Phone: +43 3842 402 7615
Mail: hanno.bertignoll(at)unileoben.ac.LÖSCHEN.at

RIEGL International

RIEGL International GmbH
Riedenburgstrasse 48
3580 Horn
Phone: + 43 2982 4211
E-mail: office(at)riegl.co.LÖSCHEN.at
Web: www.riegl.com


Röhrenwerke Kupferdreh Carl Hamm

Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh
Carl Hamm GmbH
Gasstraße 12
45257 Essen
Phone: +49 201 84817-0
Web: www.carl-hamm.com

Schachtbau Nordhausen

Industrieweg 2a
99734 Nordhausen
Phone: +49 3631 632-0
E-Mail: sbn(at)schachtbau.LÖSCHEN.de
Web: www.schachtbau.de

Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola

For more than 200 years, natural resources have shaped the special profile of our university Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola (THGA). Today we have continued our legacy of industrial roots in a future-oriented way. At the Research Center of Post-Mining, experts explore how the complex tasks related to the closure, recultivation and follow-up of former mining regions can be managed responsibly. The scientific team focuses on future potential. Therefore, they are working together on an interdisciplinary basis in four research areas:

  1. Perpetual tasks and minewater management
  2. Geomonitoring in post-mining
  3. Material sciences for the preservation of industrial heritage
  4. Reactivation and transition

The research activities currently focus on the tasks arising in connection with the discontinuation of active coal mining in Germany. That said, post-mining is by no means limited to the mining areas located in the Ruhr, Saar and Ibbenbüren districts. The Research Center see this as a global remit, and one that has potential for every other branch of mining throughout the world.

Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola, University
Herner Straße 45
44787 Bochum
Phone: +49 234/968-02
Web: www.post-mining.org

Contact person for public relations:
Carmen Tomlik
Research Center of Post-Mining, Public relations
Phone: +49 234/968-3230
Mail: carmen.tomlik(at)thga.LÖSCHEN.de


TSU – Verein für Technische Sicherheit und Umweltschutz e.V.
TSU Gesellschaft für Technik, Sicherheit und Umweltschutz mbH

TSU e.V.
99867 Gotha
Phone: +49 3621/301035
Mobil: +49 175 9525175
Mail: info(at)tsuev.LÖSCHEN.com

Contact Person:
Prof. Dr. Günther Apel
Mail: Guenther.Apel@tsuev.com
Dr. Martin Anders
Mail: Martin.Anders@tsuev.com

99867 Gotha
Phone: +49 3621/301036
Mobil: +49 162 2901809
Mail: info@tsugmbh.com

Contact Person:
Dr. Michael Beyer
Mail: Michael.Beyer@tsugmbh.com

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining
Gustav-Zeuner-Straße 12
09599 Freiberg
Web: www.tu-freiberg.de

Contact Persons:
Institute for Mining and Special Civil Engineering:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Mischo
Phone: +49 3731/39-2044
Mail: Helmut.Mischo(at)mabb.tu-freiberg.LÖSCHEN.de

Institute for Mine Surveying and Geodesy:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Benndorf
Phone: +49 3731/39-2612
Mail: Joerg.Benndorf(at)mabb.tu-freiberg.LÖSCHEN.de


TRE ALTAMIRA provide millimetric-accurate displacement measurements used in a variety of private and public sectors including Civil Engineering, Geohazards, Mining and Oil & Gas. Our technology is completely remote and can be easily integrated into operational plans, supporting in-situ
instrumentation measurements. We benefit from the expertise of more than 100 employees working in our offices in Milan, Barcelona, and Vancouver, as well as in our regional offices in Peru, France and Australia. TRE ALTAMIRA is committed to providing the best solution to support our client’s needs with costeffective
solutions. By detecting, measuring, and monitoring geophysical phenomena such as subsidence, uplifts, landslides, and seismic faults, we help our clients to assess risk, improve safety and optimise operations.

Còrsega 381-387
08037 Barcelona
Web: www.tre-altamira.com

Verband Bergbau, Geologie und Umwelt e.V.

The Association of Mining, Geology and Environment (VBGU), an employers association, works since more than 30 years as a stakeholder of its currently 57 ordinary member companies (representing entrepreneurs of the branches especially geotechnics, mining, consultancy and companies which offers special services in mining). The VBGU represents the general economic and socio-political interests of its members and supports them in areas such as tariff, research and development as well as training and further education. VBGU provides for member companies access to economic and political decision makers at federal level and state level.

VBGU itself is The VBGU is registered in the lobby register of the Bundestag, is well connected and a member of several employer associations and non-governmental bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany in ranges of labour law, waste legislation, mining law, environmental law and water rights. Our Association accompanies with its member companies i.a. for over 30 years the successful reclamation of mining legacies from uranium mining in Saxony and Thuringia, which is designed by Wismut GmbH. Since 2022, the VBGU has been cooperating closely with the industry association Steinkohle und Nachbergbau e.V. (bsn) and founded two expert committees with the latter on the topics of "old mining" and "mine water".

With our member companies we will “together, create a sustainable future".

Poststrasse 30
10178 Berlin
Phone: +49 30/40054270
Mail: info(at)vbgu.LÖSCHEN.de
Web: www.vbgu.de


Lyonerstr. 18
60528 Frankfurt
Web: vdma.org

Contact Person:
Christoph Danner
Phone: +49 69 6603-1270


Rehabilitation of uranium ore mining legacies in Saxony and Thuringia

Wismut GmbH is a federal government-owned company operating in Saxony and Thuringia. Its principal business is the decommissioning, cleanup, and rehabilitation of uranium mining and processing sites.

The Wismut Project has emerged as an important international reference project for state-of-the-art remediation technologies in conjunction with the rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated sites.

Wismut is also an important partner on the regional level that makes a substantial contribution to foster the economic development of sites under remediation.

The company's sole shareholder is the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Since its foundation in 1991, the company is headquartered in Chemnitz/Saxony.

More information can be found here: www.wismut.de

Wismut GmbH
Jagdschänkenstraße 29
09117 Chemnitz
Web: www.wismut.de