FAB "The industrial value creation chain requires a continuous and reliable raw material supply in the long term. German mining activities abroad actively contribute towards securing natural resources for Germany and the European Union. We aim to nurture and encourage them as weil as continuing to expand medium-sized mining enterprises at home and abroad in keeping with requirements.”

FAB companies provide services for raw materials projects. The FAB represents the contact point for companies engaged in international mining and raw materials and concentrates on ensuring that its network partners are provided with the appropriate knowledge and backup. German industry contemplating foreign involvement in order to secure its raw materials supplies, finds a responsive partner in the FAB to execute economic activities on the natural resources sector abroad. FAB companies through their expertise provide necessary services for foreign raw materials projects. The FAB is the organization representing German companies mining abroad in Germany. Established over 30 years ago, the FAB looks after the industry-related interests of its members most of whom are based in Germany vis-a-vis politics, industry and the public.

German Federation of International Mining and Mineral Resources
Am Schillertheater 4
10625 Berlin
Phone: +49 30/3151-8261
Fax: +49 30/3151-8235
Web: www.consulting-fab.de, www.v-r-b.de

Contact Person:
Dr. Martin Wedig
Mail: Martin.Wedigv-r-b.LÖSCHEN.de




TSU – Verein für Technische Sicherheit und Umweltschutz e.V.
TSU Gesellschaft für Technik, Sicherheit und Umweltschutz mbH

TSU e.V. is an independent, non-profit, technical-scientific association with the purpose of supporting safety-scientific innovation to promote technical safety and environmental protection, as well as experiences and results of innovation in safety science through further training. The activities of the association are supported by recognised experts and specialists who have many years of experience in relevant industries. The association operates primarily nationwide as well as internationally.

For the implementation of the experiences and results from the various TSU e.V areas of activity, the TSU GmbH is available for consulting and engineering tasks.

Our contribution leads together with you

  • to reduce technical risks

  • to professional training and employee qualification

  • to the application of innovative, sustainable solutions

  • to use TSU experience for your own operational practice.

TSU e.V.
99867 Gotha
Phone: +49 3621/301034
Mobil: +49 175 9525175
Mail: infotsuev.LÖSCHEN.com

Contact Person:
Prof. Dr. Günther Apel
Mail: Guenther.Apel@tsuev.com
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Anders
Mail: Martin.Anders@tsuev.com

99867 Gotha
Phone: +49 3621/301036
Mobil: +49 162 2901809
Mail: info@tsugmbh.com

Contact Person:
Dr. Michael Beyer
Mail: Michael.Beyer@tsugmbh.com


The Association of Mining, Geology and Environment (VBGU), an employers association, works since more than 30 years as a stakeholder of its currently 51 ordinary member companies (representing entrepreneurs of the branches especially geotechnics, mining, consultancy and companies which offers special services in mining).

VBGU represent the ordinary politico-economic and socio-political plus tariff interests of its member companies and support the companies for instance in research and development plus further education. VBGU provides for member companies access to economic and political decision makers at federal level and state level.

VBGU itself is well connected and a member of several employer associations and non-governmental bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany in ranges of labour law, waste legislation, mining law, environmental law and water rights. Our Association accompanies with its member companies i.a. for over 30 years the successful reclamation of mining legacies from uranium mining in Saxony and Thuringia, which is designed by Wismut GmbH.

With our member companies we will “together, create a sustainable future".

Poststrasse 30
10178 Berlin
Phone: +49 30/40054270
Fax: +49 30/40054271
Mail: infovbgu.LÖSCHEN.de 
Web: www.vbgu.de